5 Vivacious Alternative Colours for Wedding Gown

There was a time when, every to-be-bride wanted a white wedding dress. The trend of white wedding gowns was traditionally originated in Britain when Queen Victoria wore a white lace dress at her wedding. These days designers are coming up with new versions of wedding gowns and experimenting with fabrics, accessories and even colours.  

Below we have listed 5 alternative colours for your wedding gown to help you stand out from the crowd.

 5 Vivacious Alternative Colours for Wedding Gown

Soothing Pale blue

Pale blue is the colour that depicts water and sky. It is a colour of peace, serenity, ethereal, spiritual and infinity that every bride expects from her marriage. So, wearing a pale blue coloured wedding gown is as lucky for a bride as the white gown is.

We can show you variety of lace fabrics, crystal embellishments and veils that complement the style. Pale blue colours dazzle in winter wedding photography and gives a stylish yet modest look.

Radiant red

Radiant red is definitely a bold choice for an audacious and beautiful bride. When going for a red coloured wedding gown we recommend that you don’t accessorise much with heavy jewellery as the beauty of those gowns speak for themselves when making a unique style statement.

Stunning Purple

There are so many choices when it comes to purple colours. Delightful gowns, accessorised with feminine fringing, contrasting hems, bows and some sequencing work can work with any shade.

Opting for a dark veil and some chunky accessories when opting for a purple gown will ensure that all eyes will be on you.

Dreamy green

Dreamy green is a spirited colour that just screams: ‘spring wedding!’ You can choose different patterns and shades and add some pastel floral embellishment and various styles of flattering neckline. We’re willing to bet any girl will be jealous when they see the bride in dreamy green – green truly is the colour of envy.

Lavish pink

The pink wedding gown is the epitome of beauty.

With so many designs available, it gives you the option to opt for different sleeve and pattern designs to give any bride that wonderful princess wedding they’ve always hoped for.

These days, with so many designs and styles available to brides, a fun and engaging process can quickly become very overwhelming and stressful. Contact Icon Bridal today and we can put the fun and engagement back into choosing the dress for the biggest day of your life.