Would You Dare To Get Married On The Scariest Day Of The Year?

The classic Halloween Wedding!
There are so many ways you can make a Halloween wedding an occasion your guests will never forget. It’s not just a black and orange theme… we have put together some great ideas that will inspire those who want the Perfect Halloween wedding.
Trick or treat smell my feet chair banners ~
Beautiful Halloween wedding outfits, loving the black birdcage ~
 Guests will appreciate the colours and theme of your haunted venue ~
You can scare your guests with outside decorations taking your wedding reception to a whole new level ~
Great cutlery for table decorations, continuing your theme right through to the smaller details ~
Delicious blood velvet cake, sliced with an axe!
If you have any Halloween stories and pictures to share please e-mail us at  sales@iconbridal.co.uk, we would love to hear about it!