Icon Brides Blog Series - Beth, "Oh My God We Did it!"

1. Describe your day in one word
2. Tell us about dress shopping, who did you take with you and what was important to you in your dress search?
I brought my mum and my now mother-in-law. I knew I didn’t want to have too many people with me as it would be a little overwhelming with so many opinions, but I knew the mums would say what they really thought. I had a strong idea of what I wanted in my head - a princess style gown with a long train - but it’s amazing how one style can come in so many different forms. Mostly, I wanted a chilled vibe and somewhere with plenty of choice where I didn’t feel rushed to make a decision. That’s when I found Icon Bridal!
3. What impact did COVID-19 have on your day?
The stress! We had our initial day completely cancelled in April, which so many other couples had to go through. Then over the months we went from thinking we’d have what we initially planned, to scaling it back to 30 people, to worrying if regulations would change at the last minute. We also spent countless hours going over government legislation on weddings to make sure we hadn’t missed anything - not exactly how I’d envisioned the final weeks leading up to the wedding! At the end of the day though, we knew we were going to go ahead with whatever we were allowed to do. We were just so ready to get married! Our favour bags were filled with things like face masks and sanitiser, and we had to hum hymns in the church rather than sing them. It was a wild ride, and when we were stood there saying our vows we both got a bit emotional. We made it!
4. Was there a positive that came out of the changes?
Because we only had our immediate family there (30 people isn’t actually that many when it boils down to it!) it was a really nice, intimate day. It brought some light and cause for celebration in what has been a really difficult year for everyone. Plus, when things do eventually go back to normal we’re going to have a massive party and do it all over again (and I get to wear my dress again, too!)
5. Tell us about your dress, what made you made her pick her?
She’s by Ronald Joyce, and I actually came in on one of the weekend trunk shows completely by accident - if I hadn’t, she wouldn’t have been there! It’s an A line dress, with beautiful sparkles on the skirt. The top has illusion with pretty beading, which also exposed some of my back with the lace in a heart shape which I absolutely loved. The train was long which gave it that princess feel, and I had a hoop to make the shape more ballgown style. I also wore a cathedral veil with sparkles to match the skirt on the dress. 
It sounds so cheesy, but I knew there was something special about her the second I saw myself in the mirror. I felt confident and I felt like a bride, but probably the most important thing was I felt like myself. This was my first and only time trying on wedding dresses, but as soon a I get that I knew the search was over. 
6. What was your favourite part of your day?
The moment we were pronounced husband and wife. We had this overwhelming feeling of “oh my god, we did it. No one can say we can’t anymore!” I’m sure plenty of COVID couples know the feeling!
7. Is there anything you would change about your day? 
Obviously it would have been great to have the day we originally planned and to not have our guests wearing face masks, but to us it was still the perfect day. 
8. Top tips for other brides
1) Don’t focus too much on making everything “perfect”. Things will go wrong, some things are out of your control, but you will get your special day and marry the person you love - that is THE most important thing. 
2) Do what YOU want to do. Pandemic or not, everyone will have an opinion on what you should do (even the tiniest of things can invite opinions!) Remember that the day is about the two of you, so do what you want to do. 
3) Don’t forget to take it all in. The day flies by so so fast, and if you don’t stop to take in the little moments you’ll miss them completely. Before we did our confetti, our vicar stopped us so we could hear the church bells ringing, and it’s little moments like that which you’ll look back on and smile. 
Dress - Ronald Joyce
Veil - Elizabeth Dickens, both available at Icon Bridal
Photographer - Shoot It Momma
Florist - Amanda Steele