Ideas for Choosing ‘The Right Wedding Accessories’

Once you have chosen the right wedding dress, it’s time to accessorise. Bridal jewellery if chosen sceptically can save some amounts from your wedding budget. These beautiful wedding accessories are the perfect solution to get the stylish gems you crave for.


  1. Stunning Stacking Rings


Stacking rings are highly popular as the day to day jewellery wear. One or two such rings can be worn individually to give a simpler accessory look. Alternatively you can stack the stunning bunch on your fingers.

  1. Fun Feather Rings

Feather rings are unique and count as one of the most perfect wedding jewellery. The feather ring comes in sterling silver, rose gold and gold styles. For a playful look, you can buy all three metals for a mismatch vibe or go subtle with the favourite wedding ring metal.

  1. Dazzling Droplet Rings


Droplet rings makes your bridal look to be very demure and elegant. These are specially adorned by the timeless brides. Luminous droplet ring containing a pure white crystal pearl in it, is one such dazzling ring, you will definitely love.


  1. Beautifully Feathered Bracelet

An effacing sterling silver bracelet is a nice match for the above feather rings which completes the look. It is the simple and modest ring that looks incredibly gorgeous. Brides who prefer a light accessory look, feathered bracelets is the suitable jewellery for them.

  1. Beautiful Beaded Bracelets

These are bracelets made using delicate beads; they are truly an epitome of beauty. It comes in numerous colours such as jet, champagne and lapis luxe. These bracelets designs are amiable and a cuff style of bracelet is loved by the brides. The gold clasp adds a taste of expense to each design and if you only want one statement piece of wrist-wear to capture everyone’s eye on your wedding day, it has to be one of these.

  1. Gorgeous Good Karma Chain Bracelets

These thin chain bracelets have the most heart-warming meaning behind them associated with love and marriage. A double heart chain bracelet is seen as a sophisticated piece of jewellery and can enhance the love fortune. Similarly a dove chain bracelet symbolises to upkeep peace in all aspects of your life.

  1. Fabulous Fabric Beaded Bracelets

The fabric beaded bracelets are best suited to a funky bride who loves chunky jewellery and something that’s unique. These beaded wedding accessories come in cool and crisp colours. It also embraces the feminine feel of the bride.


  1. Delicate Drop Earrings


Drop earrings are often seen as the most elegant ones. They bring so much class and grace to your wedding attire. The colours range from rose gold and grey, dark blue and gold and the champagne style.

  1. Pretty Floral Stud Earrings

Floral wedding jewellery is always a yes. These are equally fresh and playful designs for the pretty brides. Stud floral earrings is a good choice for a summer wedding, it keeps the style simple and delicate. Such blossom earrings are eye catchy as they are the cutest things that befit the bride wearing styles. Bridesmaid also prefers these cutest floral studs and drop earrings, which beautifies them with minimal accessories.

  1. Majestic Moon Earrings

Moon themed jewellery has certain magic to them, as they look utterly beautiful. There comes a huge collection of sun plus moon drop earrings. They certainly have beautiful crystals in them, adding the shimmery and sparkling touch. They are made up of sterling silver metal; simple yet gorgeous.