Our Top 5 Wedding Dress Trends 2018

If you’re newly engaged and looking to have a beautiful, fashionable wedding, you’ll no doubt be focusing on which style of wedding dress you’ll be choosing. Most of us have an idea of what kind of dress we want for our big day, but nobody wants to walk down the aisle in an outdated style dress on our wedding day. There are plenty of wedding dresses to choose from, but if you’re looking for an idea of what the key trends are, we have chosen our top 5 wedding dress trends for 2018.

Sheer Fabrics

Sheer fabrics are one of the biggest wedding dress trends this year. While some may baulk at the idea of a see-through wedding dress, this trend can be as subtle as you like. Sheer back panels, bodices, sleeves and chest panels are all prominently featured in the current wedding dress trends. If you’re bold you can try a little extra see-through just like the runway models, or if you want a traditional dress with a dash of excitement, a sheer chest panel can be trendy whilst remaining modest. If you like flowy gowns you can opt for a layered look, with a sheer overdress on top of a nude or lightly coloured slip.

Wedding Sleeves

Sleeves are increasing easy to find on wedding dressing and come in a variety of shapes and styles. Growing in popularity since Kate Middleton’s wedding dress and continuing today with Meghan Markle’s, sleeves are the new form of elegance when walking down the aisle and one of the biggest new wedding dress trends for 2018. Anything from beautifully beaded full-length sleeves, to sheer lace and chiffon, today’s sleeved wedding dresses can be romantic, modern, sophisticated or daring. Wedding dresses can have any style of sleeves, from lacey cap-sleeves to fluttery ruffles, to perfectly tailored fitted sleeves that define your silhouette. There is a style of sleeves to suit every woman, no matter what her tastes are.

Boho Bride

Boho is one of the most popular wedding dress trends that emerged a few years ago with the spiritual new-age reemergence into fashion and is still going strong today. The boho style continues to be popular because it incorporates many aesthetics, from cool hippy chic to edgy rock n’ roll glamour. Often a cross between vintage-feel lace, panelled details reminiscent of old crochet patterns and loose wavy fabrics, boho wedding dresses manage to stay feminine and delicate whilst being highly versatile and stylish. Boho is about a whole lifestyle that brings nature closer, so it’s not surprising that boho weddings are in vogue and one of the most favoured wedding dress trends, especially with younger women.


Not everyone loves flounce, lace and embroidery. The minimalist wedding dress trends are perfect for those who appreciate a modern, no-fuss style. Minimalist dresses can come in many shapes and forms, from clean-cut lines and sharp structure to stunning silhouettes. The epitome of casual chic, these simple style wedding dresses are anything but boring, incorporating the perfect balance between simple and elegant. In a world of layers and sparkle, the minimalist wedding dress is a refreshing inception of an understated beauty and refinement for the modern bride. The brilliance of a minimalist wedding dress is that a bride who is more interested in accessorising than dressing up can make this style dress her own with additions of jewellery, shoes, hairpieces, and even make-up.

Hints of Colour

For those of us who don’t look good in white, colour is now a huge trend in wedding dress styles. While some brides are going for full, bright coloured wedding dresses, those who want to keep the delicate feminine aesthetic of the traditional bride can choose between a variety of dresses that come in pale or muted tones. From delicate blues and greys to gentle blush and golds, coloured wedding dresses are truly unique and individual in contrast to the stark whites of most brides. If you want to stay with the traditional white dress but are looking for something a little different, subtle shades of colour can be incorporated. If you want to try the coloured wedding dress trends of 2018, sheer white can be overlayed onto coloured fabrics to add depth and dimension, which can also help match dresses to different skin tones.

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