Tips to choose the right wedding dress

For every girl, her wedding is a dreamy fairy tale that is about to get true and for which she wants to look her best. Her life till date was fascinated for the perfect day. Buying the wedding dress is one of the major decisions for the bride-to-be. Following tips can help you choose the best wedding dress:

Start your search for wedding at least six to nine prior to the wedding date

Designer gowns are required to be ordered six to nine months in advance as it ensures that there exists enough time for delivery and alterations. The modifications such as adding beads or lace enhancing the neckline and customisation of the dress can only happen if the order is received timely.

Come up with a realistic budget

The amount set aside for purchase of the wedding gown does not necessarily mean that you can spend the amount on the buy price of dress. It should be understood that it includes tax, shipping and alteration and modification costs.

Narrow down the wedding dress choice list with Pinterest

Pinterest is your friend. Here you can browse hundreds of designs and pin your favourite ones. Finding the wedding dress on Pinterest can be intimidating at first but in real it’s the perfect place to source some inspiration. Better do a little research about what styles are available and which type of dresses draws your attention with respect to shape, details, and fabric textures. Make a secret board and pin all the dresses you like and then look for similar patterned dresses.

Mood Matters

The bridal dress chosen shall compliment the wedding style. It includes making choice about the wedding venue whether you want a daytime or a night time wedding. Do you wish to be the bohemian goddess in a garden or a glam princess in a ball room? Resolving the type aura you desire for your wedding will help you choose the perfect dress that matches not only your personal style but also the backdrop. Doing such analysis narrow the dress choices and it becomes easier to pick the perfect wedding dress.

Think Shape

It is advisable to try a few silhouettes at your first appointment as this helps you choose the one that feels the most like your precise choice and compliments your personal style. It can be dreamy princess shape or the sexy fit-and-flare. You never know until you try.

Due attention shall be undertaken with regard to if the dress fits your body type or not. Dress picked should be such that accentuate your best features. De-emphasize your insecurities; feel confident and beautiful in your skin.

Colour Makes a Difference

Where the silhouettes enhance your shape, the hues of fabric do the same for the colour of the clothing. Wear the colour that gives you feeling of confidence and beauty.

Dresses these days vary greatly in terms of colour. From a brighter white to a creamy ivory to even bold pink; the right colour can nicely accentuate and complement your skin tone.

Be You

Remember, your dress represents you. If you feel your best in curls and makeup or clear lip gloss and flats, then go for it. Buying the dream dress for your wedding is certainly an emotional decision; hence shop to bring the best version out of you. Listen to your inner style and voice, which can also mean limiting the opinions.

Stay true to yourself by considering what fashion you lean toward on a daily basis. If you favour clean lines and solids, look for a minimalist gown, or if you love quirky, retro styles, beeline for vintage-inspired designs. In the end you own the gown, so stick to your gut and style.

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