Wedding Dress Style Guide

Once you get engaged, choosing the perfect wedding dress is usually one of the first things that will pop into your mind. While selecting the dress of your dreams, you may find yourself becoming quite overwhelmed.

If, you are stumped about which style or neckline you must choose from, then fear not, this handy guide will enlighten you with everything you need to know.

A-line Dress

A-line wedding dressAs the name of the dress suggests, an A-line wedding dress is narrow at the top and gradually gets wider towards the bottom creating an ‘A’ shape. It is an extremely popular style in the wedding dress industry.

Brides, who have a pear shaped body type, are exceptionally well suited to an A-line dress style.

This shape will skim over the hips and make the waist appear smaller and lead the eye to the bust.

The upper body comes into limelight so ensure that the detailing is neat and not too fussy.

Brides who are petite can lengthen the silhouette by experimenting with different necklines rather than going for a straight, strapless A-line dress.

Ball Gown

Ball GownBall gowns are full-length, traditional wedding dress with an affixed bodice and full skirt. This style emanates glamour and is a perfect choice for brides who have forever dreamed of a classic fairy tale wedding.

Ball gown with a lace-up bodice and full, gathered or pleated skirt will make the bride’s mid-section appear smaller.

Ball gowns are known to suit all body types and ladies of all different shapes.

All you need to do is get the proportion between you and the dress right with a matching neckline and detailing.

The design of the dress will determine the fullness of the skirt. Styles may vary from lightweight tulle skirt to an elegant 1950s taffeta gown.

A ball gown is for the hidden princess in every girl.

Column Dress

Column DressA slim-fit dress with a straight, tapered and flowing neckline to the hem is what makes up a column dress.

If you are a bride with a tall and willowy frame, a column wedding dress is right for you.

Column dress tends to hug and emphasise the figure so it is terrific to show off your bridal body.

Make sure that you invest in a good pair of spanx to get a smooth outline beneath the dress. Steer clear of this style if you are conscious of your hips.

Fishtail Dress

Fishtail DressA fishtail dress follows the curves of your body before flaring out at the knee.

A fishtail dress style is often seen on the red carpet and is ideal for brides planning a stunning wedding.

You need voluptuous curves to carry off this dress. Brides opting to wear a fishtail wedding dress must be totally comfortable with her body.

It can be worn in satin or in lace texture which detracts the bumps and lumps.

Heels go brilliantly with this type of dress so choose a pair of comfy heels.

Empire Dress

Empire DressAn empire style wedding dress gathers just under the bust with a long and loose fitting skirt.

Empire line dresses perfectly compliment brides with a small bust.

Petite brides can opt for this dress as it makes them appear taller.

This dress style is forgiving around the legs and hips and is works greatly for apple shaped brides.

This dress gathers a little extra weight in the middle bringing the upper body in focus and smoothes out the mid-section.

Halter Neckline

Halter Neckline DressA wedding dress with halter neckline consists of a high neck with deep armholes and two straps from the bodice that meet behind the neck. 

This style of dress is very flattering and has a unique bridal look.

Opting for a halter neck dress is an unusual choice as most modern brides go for strapless look.

This type of wedding dress shows off the shoulder and upper arms and make a petite bride appear taller.

Overall choosing a wedding dress can be a daunting and tough process, but at Icon Bridal we like to make it a fun and personalised process.

So if you’re at the stage where you’d like to choose your dress, contact us now to make an appointment.