Wedding Planning - Where to Start

Planning your entire wedding is a nerve-wrecking task, but an organised and systematic approach will help you overcome this task with minimal stress.

Wedding Planning - Where to Start

At Icon bridal we are wedding dress experts and we have seen many brides crumbling under the presser of planning their wedding. But, with time and patience, we’ve been able to provide support and friendly service to the bride to ease her worries about wedding planning.

Here are the few key points according that will help ease some of the stress.


Before you start the plan, it is vital to set a master budget and then create sub-budgets for each item of the wedding that is to be spent on. Remember to keep a heavy budget for the wedding dress but don’t let it curb other essentials. Be sure to stay firm to the set budget as it can quickly spiral out of control. Remember, whilst it’s your special day, it is just one day and crippling yourself financially won’t be conducive to starting off your marriage on the right foot. 

Guest list

You can’t please everybody, no matter how hard you try. Keep in mind the priority of your guests and work down from there.


The date will set things into action so be very careful while selecting a date. The date will help you to book your venue and if you have one in mind then you can set your wedding date accordingly.


Venue is one of the important factors, which can affect the wedding budget and guest list. Before hunting the venue it is important to discuss what your expectations are and what you want from the wedding.

Now the important part…

The Dream Dress and Accessories

When you are done with the practical aspects, it’s time to start searching for your dream wedding dress. It is the most exciting and emotional part of the wedding and here at Icon bridal, we help in making this experience more blissful and memorable.

The main part about wedding dress shopping is tackling the confusion caused when many dresses are displayed in front of you all at once. But our fashion experts in the shop take all your choices and body type into consideration to advise you the best of dress that will suit and compliment all your features. We even provide our personal dressing rooms to relax while our experts search the right dress for you.

Icon Bridal also stocks a huge range of bridal shoes and accessories to save you from running shop to shop after buying a dress from us. We are committed to doing the most for our Icon Brides.

These days, with so many designs and styles available to brides, a fun and engaging process can quickly become very overwhelming and stressful. Contact Icon Bridal today and we can put the fun and engagement back into choosing the right elements for the biggest day of your life.