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Please note we are by appointment only to ensure that you have exclusive use of our shop for you and your bridal party. Our appointments are FREE, however you will be asked to enter your credit/debit card details upon booking (this is a separate secure system backed by encryption technology). You will never be charged for an appointment unless you cancel at late notice or do not arrive, we simply ask for 24 hours notice. 

Online Booking Form:

Use the form below to find an availability at our salon. If you don't see your preferred time, please give us a call to see if there may have been any cancellations.


First Floor, The Rear Barn
Glendon Lodge Farm, Glendon
NN14 1QF

Phone No: 01536 601930

Opening Times:

- Monday - Closed
Tuesday - 5pm - 9pm 
Wednesday - 10am - 2pm
Thursday - 5pm - 9pm
Friday - 2pm - 6pm (every other week)
Saturday - 9am to 6pm
- Two Sundays a month - 10am - 4pm