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Everything You Need to Know

When Should I Start Looking For My Dress?

Every bride is different and this is very personal to you but we would advise looking for your dress around 9-12 months in advance.

Allowing 12 months takes away the pressure as some brides do find it tricky to find their perfect dress so allowing this amount of time will ensure you don’t have to panic and you can make a clear decision.

Don’t panic if you have less than 6 months as we are able to get certain designers and styles in much quicker and we also have a number of dresses that we can sell off the peg at a reduced price.

What Dress Sizes Are Your Sample Dresses?

Our sample sizes range from 10 to 18. Bridal sizes do tend to differ slightly to regular sizing so don’t be put off if you have to go up a size or two.

What Should I Wear To My Appointment?

It’s always advisable to wear a pair of seam free nude knickers if possible and a nude strapless bra. If you'd normally wear body suits that give you a defined figure then come in that. You want to feel your absolute best.

How Many Guests Can I Bring With Me?

We offer private appointments in our barn, which can comfortably accommodate up to 3 guests. In the excitement of trying on wedding dresses, it’s really tempting to bring Mum, Gran, Great Gran, Best Friend, Aunty, Cousin and Six Bridesmaids, but we can tell you as a matter of fact that this can lead to making the experience more stressful for you! Too many opinions can be conflicting, confusing and overwhelming, so we suggest a maximum of two guests. Once you have chosen your dress you are more than welcome to book a date to bring more of your chosen party along to view you in the dress before the big day if you wish to do so.

Do I Need My Own Seamstress?

We have great seamstresses that we recommend and will continue to provide an extension to the service we provide.

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