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How Long before my wedding do I need to order my dress?

Updated: Feb 9, 2023

It's a question we get asked all the time, it's either because you are in wedding planning mode or you are really excited to start wedding dress shopping. I was definitely in the latter!

So, your wedding dress search should start 12 months before your wedding date, (head to the bottom if you have less time).Can you start earlier? Absolutely!! Your dress is made for YOU! Yes some of our designers hold stock but very very little, so it is not advisable to rely on it - it is luck if they have your dress in your size.

It takes 4-6 months for your wedding dress to be made and we schedule your dress to arrive with us 8-12 weeks before your wedding day in readiness for your fittings with our seamstress, taking you to nearly 9 months. Some dresses can take longer. So 12 months gives you plenty of time to enjoy the process.

"I only have a few months to my wedding, can I get a dress?"

Another question we get asked, just because you have a short wedding date doesn't mean an independent bridal store can't help you! We have a rail of dresses that we sell off the peg, we also hold an annual sample sale AND we can get some dresses on a rush order (this can incur a fee of £50-£100). The best thing to do is to give us a call and ask.

If you have any questions, drop us an email -

Amy x

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